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Jan 29, 2012
@ 3:02 pm
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the best letter of recommendation i have ever read.

the best letter of recommendation i have ever read.

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Oct 10, 2010
@ 6:24 pm

The success brought me an audience. It also separated me from all the things I had been trying to make my connections to my whole life. And it frightened me because I understood that what I had of value was at my core, and that core was rooted into the place I’d grown up, the people I’d known, the experiences I’d had. If I move away from those things into a sphere of just — freedom of pure license to go about your life as you so desire… without connections — that’s where a lot of the people I admired had drifted away from, the essential things that made them great. And more than rich, and more than famous and more than happy, I wanted to be great.

— Bruce Springsteen