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Apr 5, 2012
@ 11:41 am

I just don’t know how you bounce back from this, Pau. #griffining


Dec 30, 2011
@ 10:42 am

.@TheNYRangers had an ugly sweater party which featured @bdubi17 as Santa and skinny jeans one could only acquire in Brooklyn. #blueshirts #skinnyjeans 


Sep 12, 2011
@ 11:50 pm
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The Best Tony Romo Tweets of the Past 24 Hours

There’s really nothing better than reading through Twitter conversations immediately after a public figure makes an epic fail. I first realized this earlier this summer when the Heat choked in the NBA finals. That said, you can imagine my delight when Tony Romo lost the game for the Cowboys last night [see animated GIF below] and was completely destroyed on Twitter for the entire day that followed.

Some of my favorite tweets, in no particular order:

LouBrutus Lou Brutus - If Tony Romo was a Cowboy 125 years ago we’d all be speaking Apache today. #quarterbacksbetterthanromo

*Point of reference: Geronimo

CRM_Stephen Stephen Douglas - If Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez played darts it would take weeks and thousands of people would die.

MhiZz_Co0kieDo3 Narii - #quarterbacksBetterThanRomo Beyonce’s unborn child

CaptainBLUNTman Mylo (MTG) - #quarterbacksBetterThanRomo Air Bud

*Point of reference: Air Bud 2 trailer

JayEyeTheKing J.I. - Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone tattoo’d on his face > TonyRomo

*Point of reference: Gucci Mane

harvilla rob harvilla - tony romo with the ‘entourage’ finale of QB performances

Aqua174 Alvin aqua Blanco - Soulja Boy ringtones > Tony Romo

*Point of reference: Soulja Boy "Turn My Swag On"

donniethurmanjr donniethurman - #quarterbacksBetterThanRomo my nephew Jabari….he’s 5

TravisGarland Travis Garland - Shake Weight Commercials > Tony Romo.

*Point of reference: Shake Weight Commercial

TravisGarland Travis Garland - Whoopi Goldberg > Tony Romo.

*Point of reference: Sister Act trailer

MrKleanKickz The Shuru aka Rob - Tony The Tiger > Tony Romo

sexysportschef April Thompson - #quarterbacksbetterthanromo Harold from hey Arnold

*Point of reference: Harold (editor’s note - ZOMG remember him?!)

FakeJasonBay Fake JasonBay - #QuarterbacksBetterThanRomo Cindy Brady

BlakeHightower Nightmare - #quarterbacksbetterthanromo the chick from “Soul Surfer”

*Point of reference: The chick from Soul Surfer

TRUTH_DOT_COM Benjamin M. - #quarterbacksbetterthanRomo Jon Moxon from Varsity Blues

*Point of reference: Varsity Blues trailer



Sep 4, 2011
@ 11:49 am

The best overreaction to #notredame football losing a game that you will EVER read.

The best overreaction to #notredame football losing a game that you will EVER read.


Jun 27, 2011
@ 11:33 am
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Thanks @MLB for allowing me to hate on Youk via Facebook. #yankees

Thanks @MLB for allowing me to hate on Youk via Facebook. #yankees


Jun 13, 2011
@ 9:38 pm

The Best Chris Bosh Tweets of the Past 24 Hours

Chris bosh looks like little foot - @djtrizzy

Y Chris Bosh gotta collapse and cry on the floor like he was at a funeral tho? - @broncos_nrl

Chris Bosh would kill it in the WNBA - @thelegster

Chris bosh right now probably eating yogurt & watch R Kelly’s trapped in the closet on repeat - @hennfreshdaily

Chris Bosh probably at the club right now dancing to Rudeboy. - @nigelnixon1

I bet Chris Bosh is in the locker room throwing air punches and crying like Tré did in Boyz n the Hood. - @doza_said

Chris bosh fell on da floor crying like he got BAD RESULTS ON THE MAURY SHOW - @cloud9oohlahlah

Chris Bosh after they stole his eggs in Jurassic Park 3 - @scottywashere


May 6, 2011
@ 11:57 am

Great case study on effective clothes-lining via Ron Artest


Apr 23, 2011
@ 11:57 am

Somebody hits me, I’m going to hit him back. Even if it does look like he hasn’t eaten in a couple weeks.

— Charles Barkley